Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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True friends see the full picture of your soul. It’s curious that the response to the realism of the existence of life is “the love we share with others” it’s always under the microscopic of inspection. When we lose someone important to us, it wakes you to the deeper depths of our hearts. Our memories and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us in time of need.

Some families are messy. At best we can remind ourselves “we’re related.” As I experienced the very people who are meant to keep you from harm are the very people who break you; they walk away and you let go. You’re  dignity gets mocked, and mind toyed with.”

The grief grabs hold of your every emotion and thought though we  can  recall that every second, every hour being more precious than the last. The very essence of our existence, so imperfect, the ache is always there. “You get used to the weight, how it hold’s you, emotionally and physically, until you let go.” I was already broken. I had to light my own way out of its darkness. I learnt to be “a light inside my own lamp.” A religious preacher said to me once  “God sees and hears what he needs to know.” There is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged, however slight we become unwitting victims of the darkness.  Wether your a believer of a particular faith, religion or not, the feelings are the same. If you have ever lost someone important then you can empathise in knowing how it feels. If you haven’t lost anything, you can’t possibly imagine it.

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