Monday, August 6, 2018

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Humans strive for the same end, and that our only difference is one of method and purpose. To empty the heart does not mean to not love. Love as God intended it, is pure, with no boundaries, when it is not based on a false attachment. When we occupy our mind, we fill it with purpose, there’s no time for doubting. Peace is not merely an absence of war but an ingredient of human life, and that nuture in time will do away with war as a natural process. We have the right to tell our story, old and new in our own way, because they are our stories. No person is a friend who demands your silence. To deny a person their human right to freedom of thought, freedom of expression and the gift of communication is to challenge their very humanity. What we experience, is more than a feeling.

 “In this game called life, change is inevitable except from a vending machine.”

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